December is already there, so it’s time again to do a little summary of all the items I decluttered in November and the ones I decided to add to my possessions. This month I was quite efficient with my decluttering process as we discarded (both sold and donated) all the baby stuffs from my youngest son Emile (almost 3 years old) who now has a big boy bedroom. Time to say good-bye to the crib, baby sleeping bags, tiny bed sheets, and baby educational toys. This probably inspired Léon (my eldest son almost 7) who also made a purge into his toys and books to get more space in his own room.

And when choosing and buying his new furnitures we decided not to buy a wardrobe, but simply go for a bed with drawer underneath to store his clothes. This  freed quite a lot of space so that he has more room to play. Of course, now his brother wants to get rid of his 2 wardrobes/cupboards to have more room to play too. I couldn’t agree more so I have listed those for sale and we’ll clear his bedroom as soon as possible. It really makes me happy to see that my boys prefer space over clutter and tons of stuffs.

So here’s the list of all the items that went out of our home in November (and when I say out, it means that they are donated or sold, and that only the broken and non fixable things are put to trash): 4 pairs of socks with holes, a broken plastic strainer, 4 pairs of trousers, 6 baby briefs, 14 t-shirts, 3 sleeping bags, 1 pack of baby wipes, 1 coat, 1 vest, 3 baby rompers, 1 pair of shorts, 2 potty, 2 pyjamas, 2 pairs of socks, 8 boxer shorts, 2 caps, 1 baby tie (how on earth did I end up buying this 5 years ago….??), 5 jumpers, 5 alcohol bottles, 3 cans, 1 pack of kombu seaweed, a bottle of rose-water, some poppy seeds, a seed tray and a bag of seeds, 2 educational wooden toys, a wooden toy box, a baby crib, 1 mattress, a blanket, 5 bed sheets, 2 waterproof mattress protection, 3 pillow cases, 5 plastic boxes, 4 baskets, 1 cardboard box, 1 wardrobe, 5 toy-cars, 12 books, 2 wooden puzzles, 7 puzzles, 5 educational baby toys, 1 fabric tunnel, 1 kid’s tent, a baby inhaler, 12 baby hangers, 2 bed sheets, 1 pair of ripped jeans, 1 baby blanket, 1 bathroom trash (youhou only 2 left in the whole house), a kettle, 3 DVDs, a bag full of kids clothing ( things I saved to pass from Leon on to Emile, but sorted out to keep only our favorite as we had soooo much).

15095088_722299714610641_2901003663118660159_n(you know you’ve been doing well at decluttering when you can also declutter the boxes, and organisers)

And these are the items that we brought into our home last month:

  • Vegan shoes from Beyond skin (they replaced my high hills, last pair of shoes made out of leather, so now I have everything I need 🙂 )
  • one washable panty liner given by Dans ma culotte Dans ma culotte. They are really comfortable to wear all day long and made in France with the Oeko-tex 100 label.
  • 2 pieces of clothing from ATODE, purchased on their crowdfunding campain to support their brand: the beautiful Alexandra dress , and the Cara Top. Both are made in France from European fabrics.
  • a box of Lego, a set of wooden cakes and lollies and 2 books (these are Saint- Nicholas gifts for the kids)
  • a pile of second-hand pokemon cards
  • a bottle of cream for sensitive skin Malila from IMWE (made in Belgium with only natural and organic ingredients). Its jasmin’s smell is just heaven.
  • the Japanese for busy people book for my Japanese class.
  • a bed frame, mattress and bed headboard, a duvet (made with organic cotton and some recycled PET bottles), and 2 sets of sheets and duvet covers for the big boy.
  • School supplies for Emile (he’s starting school next week, still can’t believe it…). Ok this was like a torture session as everything the school asked for is either disposable (wipes, tissue) or made out of plastic (pens, plasticine…)
  • 2 pairs of tights from Bleu Foret (made in France from European fibers)
  • 4 pieces of clothing (technically only 3 as one is on the way back to exchange it for a smaller size)  from LEÏ 1984, a lovely french clothing brand I’ll talk about longer in a future post, as it’s a new collab. I bought the lovely Louisette dress, the comfy sweater Désirée, the Louisa top and the Line singlet

atode-alexandra tml-7-louisa-lei-1984(I think we have a color theme here… I just realised that when uploading the pic together here)

capture dansmaculotte

As you can guess, with all those pieces of clothing added to my wardrobe over the lasts months I have now almost everything I need. I am still looking for a simple black cardigan that I am trying to find second hand without success (for now… I’m not  giving up). I would also love to get a navy striped jumper from either Saint James or La Tricoterie du val de Saire during my next trip to my hometown in Normandie. Those two brands are located close to my hometown and make in their factory there very high quality jumpers. In fact for most pieces, La tricoterie du Val de Saire make the jumpers on orders.

I am also thinking about writing few articles to show you exactly what I have in my wardrobe, would you enjoy it? And guess what? after having said for months that I prefer a minimalistic wardrobe to the capsule wardrobe concept, I am now thinking about giving it a try. Never say never…  Because I realised that with the 50ish pieces of clothing I own, I wear only about 30ish each season, so I am already kind of using a capsule wardrobe without naming it like that and putting away the other clothes… So let’s see if I decide to properly give it a try or not.

Have a lovely day



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