Hi there,

It’s been a while since I last shared some of my favorite blogs, websites … so it was about time for an update.

Blogs and websites

Laurence’s blog Greenola has a beautiful minimalistic design and talks about all the subjects I am passionate about such as minimalism, natural cosmetics, cooking recipes…


I register to the website No Sidebar which sends me a weekly newsletter with articles (in english) on minimalism, and simple but intentional living. The articles written by a few contributors and also the beautiful pictures illustrating quotes that are published on their instagram account are so inspiring and make me think about my own perception of life every single time.

No side bar


If you have checked my lastest blog’s articles mentioning my new objects you might have noticed that a few of them come from this french webshop Landmade. The owner of this shop are always aiming to find quality objects, and for them quality means beautiful natural materials, simpliest possible yet beautiful designs, and ethical manufacturing (in Europe). I was very lucky to meet Marion from Landmade recently where she shared her passion for this process of finding new items for their shop just like a treasure hunt to find the perfect piece. It was really great to find someone sharing the same values and to find a shop that made the choice to offer items for those who want to consume fewer but better.


Youtube channels

Last but not least, there are two youtube channels that are on my favorite list lately. the first one is Julie’s channel Friendly Beauty (in french) that you might already know as she is quite famous in the ‘french green community’. She is so enthousiastic about life that all of her videos are very refreshing!! She shares some natural cosmetics tests, some vegan cooking recipes, and about all of her interests for veganism, animal welfare, books, home decoration and more. This ‘green lifestyle’ channel is really one of my favorite lately.


The second one is from Samantha Lindsey (in english). She share her simple minimalistic lifestyle in her videos with a very calm, welcoming and comprehensive tone. She really seems like a genuine person with a open heart.


One object

I will end this article with an item I tried recently when visiting my sister and that I decided to invest in. it’s the makeup remover glove from lapiglove. So yes, it’s not made out of organic cotton but microfiber, which isn’t the best for the environment but it’s made in France and allow to remove all the makeup just with water. I was quite sceptic before trying it but it really works!! It was surprising to see how easily the makeup then disappear from the glove when I washed it with just water and soap. I now will have to find a new home for my reusable cotton makeup remover wipes Les tendances d’Emma. They were doing their job til then, but finding a way to clean my face just with water made me switch to this magic glove. I would though not recommend this glove for people with a very sensitive skin who might need to use oil for makeup removal in order to preserve their skin.

Enough for this month 🙂

I’ll come back soon with more favorites and also some belgian favorites as the country I am living in has so many amazing brands and products locally made by passionate peoples.

take care.



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